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X-DMS 2019 Conference - Objectives & Topics


The last decade has seen a significantly increased interest in the computational mechanics and numerical analysis communities in expanding classical discretization methods like finite element methods to more general approaches. The two main themes in these developments are:

• Simplified and generalized methods for discretization of the computational domain

• Accounting for special features of the solution directly in the approximation space

These e orts have been very successful, as a vast variety of new ideas have been introduced and consolidated in new methods, theories, and applications. A partial and non-exhaustive list of all these methods may include partition of unity methods, meshfree methods, extended finite element methods, fictitious domain methods, and cut finite element methods. X-DMS 2019 is the third X-DMS conference continuing the previous and successful X-FEM conference cycle and aims to cover a wide variety of methods coming from different areas of computational mechanics and numerical analysis. The X-DMS 2019 conference gathers all scientists working on these approaches and provides an arena to present recent state of the art research contributions, to foster the exchange of ideas between different approaches, and to identify and discuss promising new research directions.




Covered Topics

The conference topics include fundamental research and development, implementation, and applications of extended and specialized discretization methods such as, but not limited to:

  • Partition of unity methods (XFEM/GFEM, meshfree)

  • Fictitious domain methods

  • Immersed finite element methods

  • Cut finite element methods

  • Finite Cell Methods

  • Fictitious and cut isogeometric methods

  • Multimesh and overlapping mesh methods

  • Multiscale discretization methods

  • Methods for problems with complex and evolving domains

  • Methods for coupled problems involving domains of di e- rent dimensionality

  • Robust solution strategies for extended discretization methods

  • Software packages for extended discretization methods